Celebrate Responsible Pet Ownership with National Pet Month 2024

April 1 - May 1 2024 is National Pet Month (NPM), a time dedicated to honouring our pets and promoting responsible pet ownership. Running until May 1st, 2024, this annual celebration shines a spotlight on the countless benefits that pets bring to our lives while raising awareness about the importance of caring for them properly.

In light of this DVBP would like to address pet behavioural problems.

Spring-time Dangers!

It’s spring-time, we’re unfurling from our winter isolation and hibernation and beginning to plan in social gatherings and exploring the countryside. But beware… there are dangers lurking!

Happy Easter to You & Your Pets

With love from the DVBP Team xxxx

Raising Awareness of Dog Theft   

Today, Thursday the 14th of March is Dog Theft Awareness Day and we would like to shed some light on pet theft and how we can avoid it. 

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