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Steps to book a

behaviour consultation

  1. Get in touch via email, phone or click here to contact us if you have any questions. Please allow up to 7 days for a response.
  2. Contact your veterinary surgeon for a referral, your vet may request to see your animal if they have not been seen for a while.
  3. If your animal is insured, contact your insurance company to check the referral is covered.
  4. Ensure the medical history and vet-signed referral forms are sent to us by your vet.
  5. Complete the questionnaire before the consultation.
  6. Arrange a date for a behaviour consultation. Due to the current restrictions, the behavioural consultation will be a virtual consultation done via a live video link.


or download it here


or download it here


or download it here


The behavioural consultation will usually take place in the animal’s own environment, whether that is a house, a stable or a field. Due to the current restrictions, the behavioural consultation will be a virtual consultation done via a live video link. This may vary depending on the animal and behaviour issue. Generally, the consultation duration is 1.5-3 hours, depending on the issue, where the underlying motivation for the behaviour is evaluated. A behaviour modification programme is devised and a full report is sent to the owners, with a summarised report sent to the referring vets. Three months phone or email aftercare is included, and if necessary, this can be extended.


The success of a behaviour modification programme, or treatment plan, is down to the hard-work of the owners. To successfully treat a behavioural issue it may take a significant amount of time, hard work and commitment from every member in the family, as well as those of us working to help improve the animal’s quality of life. There is usually no quick-fix for a long-term behavioural change, therefore owners must be aware of the effort required before undergoing referral. If adjunct therapy is recommended, for example, psychopharmacy, then this is adjunct to the behaviour modification programme, there is not usually one quick cure that will work in behavioural science and medicine.


If your pet is insured, check with your company as they may cover behaviour referrals.

Many insurance companies do provide cover for behavioural problems as part of their policies.

If you are unsure if your policy does cover it is worthwhile calling your insurance company to check. If you are considering being referred to Donovan Veterinary Behaviour Practice it is important to tell your insurance company that you are having an appointment with a veterinary surgeon, who is a provisional member of the APBC, working in behavioural medicine as this may affect the level of cover that is available for your pet.

Each insurance company provides a different level of cover, therefore it is advisable that you check your policy documents which should contain all the necessary information regarding your excess level and cover available.

Although we cannot claim directly from the insurance company, we can complete the necessary paperwork to enable you to claim the money back on your insurance. If further veterinary work-up or tests are required, these will be continued and charged as normal with your own referring veterinary practice.


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