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Our animals’ wellbeing can have a direct and profound effect on our lives and that of our families - even the smallest issues can have an accumulative impact on our day to day lives. There is a huge amount of conflicting off-the-shelf advice available. It’s confusing and hard to know where to start or which methods to use.

At Donovan Veterinary Behaviour Practice, we know you want the best for your animal and that every situation is unique. Recognising and understanding the psychology and emotions in the presenting behaviour means we can choose the most ethical, effective and positive approach to address the unwanted behaviour.

Our multi-disciplinary team all work to a shared standard of practice, seeking to protect and promote the welfare of each animal. A kind and carefully considered approach will be tailored for your animal as just like you, we want the best for your animal. By offering clear guidance and through positive, reward-based methods maximises the successful outcome and increases the quality of your and your animal’s life.

We offer the following type of behavioural assistance for owners and animal caregivers:


The success of a behaviour modification programme is down to the hard-work of you, the owners. To successfully treat a behavioural issue it may take a significant amount of time, hard work and commitment from every member in the family, as well as those of us working to help improve the animal’s quality of life. There is usually no quick-fix for a long-term behavioural change, therefore owners must be aware of the effort required before undergoing referral. If adjunct therapy is recommended, for example, psychopharmacy, then this is in addition to the behaviour modification programme, there is not usually one quick cure that will work in behavioural science and medicine.


Many insurance companies do provide cover for behavioural problems as part of their policies. If your pet is insured, check with your insurance company as your policy may cover behaviour referrals. Each insurance company provides a different level of cover, therefore it is advisable that if you are unsure, you either call your insurance company or check your policy documents which should contain all the necessary information regarding your excess level and cover available.

Although we cannot claim directly from the insurance company, we can complete the necessary paperwork to enable you to claim the money back on your insurance. If further veterinary work-up or tests are required, these will be continued and charged as normal with your own referring veterinary practice.


Let us know if you are representing a registered animal charity or shelter.


In case of an emergency, please contact the veterinary practice that your animal is registered with or their out of office practice provider.

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