We provide one-to-one live online training sessions for you and your dog. Sessions can be purchased individually or a puppy parenting training bundle. We also include training sessions as part of your dog's behaviour modification programme.

The benefits of online training sessions are:

  • Giulia is all yours for your whole virtual session, without a physical presence to interfere or distract your dog, but with the amazing benefit of being one-on-one, Giulia is able to talk you through and watch everything there and then. You can also ask as many questions as you like!
  • Giulia can help you in the comfort of your own home without you needing to travel - as long as your phone can go somewhere, your trainer can go with you!
  • the sessions are recordable so you can rewatch and share them with your household so you are all working together in unison.
"Working with Ali was incredibly useful and reassuring during the early puppy days and weeks." - Lauren, Suffolk

"Ali really took the time to listen to issues we were having and small changes she suggested we have done have made huge improvements. I highly recommend Donovan Veterinary Behaviour Practice." - Julia, Hertfordshire

Bespoke Training Plans and Practical Training Skills

Giulia can help you achieve your training goals, big or small. Whether you need a single practical skills session to help with a specific issue or a bespoke training plan to be developed to cover a range of training needs:

  • You will receive clear and kind guidance on how to teach your dog a new behaviour (this may be a brand new behaviour or something we are trying to help your dog to change).
  • The training is set at your and your dog’s pace, taking all aspects of your dog's life into account, consideration to your family’s lifestyle and the layout of your home is incorporated.

We can also help you and your dog while you are undergoing a behaviour modification plan (BMP) with us, providing continuity with your BMP for you and your dog. Giulia has the benefit of direct access to our team of behaviourists and so she can tailor the sessions to your dog’s individual personality and behavioural needs. She can also discuss and refer to your dog’s behaviourist, if needed. Giulia can cover:

  • any aspect of your bespoke BMP which is new to you and your dog
  • any area that is likely to be difficult when starting the training, or just an area that you’d like clarifying
  • the training sessions we offer can be arranged, between or just after your dog’s behaviour sessions, or as a refresher further down the line after your behaviour plan is completed.

The individual training sessions are in either one hour (£68) or half hour slots (£38).

Complete the questionnaire below and we will contact you to arrange training for your dog. If you have any questions, contact us at

Canine Training Questionnaire

or download it here

Puppy Parenting Training Sessions

Work on positive pre-emptive steps and preventative training to help guide your pup with their learning. Our aim is to set you and your puppy up to succeed, our motto is prevention is better than cure!

Our puppy parenting training sessions offer:
  • ONE-to-ONE private unique online sessions for you and your puppy (some group run classes can cause more damage, especially if they’re “free-for-all” at times)
  • LIVE training - walking you through every step, at your and your puppy’s pace where you can ask any questions you like at the time
  • the training is bespoke and tailored to your home layout, your lifestyle and your puppy’s individual personality
  • take all aspects of your puppy's life into account, including your ability to identify and recognise key canine behaviours which will help to build your relationship
  • ensure that we get your puppy’s first experiences right, which sets your puppy up to succeed in the future
  • teach you your own ways to train your puppy without our physical presence interfering, so that you’re fully equipped to cope with these situations in the future
  • working with DVBP’s trainer ensures that there is individual aftercare / follow-up help available (unlike if you were working in a group session)
  • you and your puppy will be a part of our DVBP practise family already should you need any specific or further help in the future
  • should there be any concerns about your puppy, there is a whole team of qualified personnel with outstanding expertise contributing to your dog's learning

"Having access to an expert in your own home is incredibly useful when you are in the midst of trying to settle a new puppy into your life. Ali was always calm, helpful and reassuring. She was able to give us advice on everything we could have wanted and more. The best thing was knowing that everything we talked about and worked on was totally focused on Ginny’s needs. The 1:2:1 sessions mean it is entirely tailored towards your puppy. Ali was really good at adapting each one to help us work on whichever challenges might have arisen during the week - as well as covering all the usual puppy training basics. The nature of the Zoom calls allowed Ali to see our set up and advise on ways we could settle Ginny. It also meant she could demonstrate training methods with her own dog and we could then copy/follow along with Ginny. The times were flexible so perfect for a busy family. I thoroughly recommend working with Ali from DVBP and wouldn’t hesitate to call on her help again in the future if we needed it." Lauren, Suffolk

Puppy Parenting Training Bundle

We can offer the course as a bundle of 6 sessions, or you’re welcome to pick and choose the individual core sessions you feel would most benefit you. Each session is 1 hour in duration and combines training for your puppy and also education for you, the owner. The trainer will customise each session to your puppy's age and ability.

The basic early-learning behaviours to create your puppy’s skills for life covered in our core sessions are:

  1. Settling (in the home and when out and about), including introducing a Safe Haven, night-time and being left alone
  2. Loose-lead walking (starting as we mean to go on, no pulling) and how to enjoy and introduce aspects of walks
  3. Dealing with and understanding play, mouthing and frustration
  4. Teaching your puppy to enjoy travelling in the car
  5. Teaching your puppy to enjoy visiting the vets and enjoy handling; including grooming, checking teeth, ears, paws, and having a collar, harness or lead placed.
  6. Teaching your puppy how to appropriately greet other dogs, strangers, visitors and other animals

The sessions are £68 for each 1 hour online session, or, if you would prefer to purchase a bundle of 6 puppy sessions, it is discounted to a total of £350.

Complete the questionnaire below and we will contact you to arrange training for your puppy. If you have any questions, contact us at

Puppy Parenting Training Questionnaire

or download it here

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