For Non-Veterinary Animal Professionals

We are happy to help all animal professions - whether you are a behaviourist, trainer, shelter staff, groomer or studying to become an animal professional.

If you are an experienced behaviourist with a case where an animal has complex behaviour issue/s with significant underlying medical issues or if you have a case with an aspect of behaviour you're just not experienced in, we can help. We offer CPD and consultations either with a Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CCAB) or Veterinary Behaviourist. Our experienced clinical animal behaviourists work with our in-house veterinary behaviourists on each of their cases. If deemed necessary, a case may also be discussed with our in-house internal medicine specialist.

We offer:

We can help:

  • to diagnose and determine if a case needs behavioural help
  • when a case has you feeling out of your depth or if you are lacking the experience or knowledge to work on a specific aspect of behaviour
  • with behaviour management on individual or multiple complex cases
  • diagnose and discuss any veterinary aspects of a behaviour case
  • provide joint and gait assessments
  • advise on psychoactive medication
  • identify when a case needs to be fully referred to a veterinary behaviourist
  • provide veterinary reports
If you are a veterinary professional, please see the services we offer veterinary professionals.

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