Behaviour Treatment Plans

"We owe so much to DVBP for their empathy, help, patience and understanding and would definitely recommend to anyone who needs help with their pet."  Lisa, Bedfordshire
Each of our behaviour treatment plans, or modification plans (BMP), is developed for your animal and his/her needs by a multi-disciplinary team including a clinical animal behaviourist and a veterinary behaviourist - and for dogs, a canine trainer is also included!

A plan begins with an in-depth online consultation with the experienced clinical animal behaviourist you selected to help you through to success. During the consultation they will discuss your animal's lifestyle, history and current behaviours with you. Your clinical animal behaviourist in collaboration with one of our veterinary behaviourists then creates a bespoke behaviour modification plan for your animal and their specific issue/s based on the information gathered from the initial consultation, the clinical history provided by your animal's vet practice and any other additional information received.

The plan provides advice on how to work with your animal and their problem behaviour, guiding you through the short and long-term changes to be implemented. In cases where adjunctive medication is advised, this is provided in a veterinary report to your animal's veterinary practice.

We’ll be with you throughout the entire plan, you can send updates and questions as you go.

On receiving the behaviour treatment plan, you can begin to put in place the guidance provided. To maximise your animal's success and the effectiveness of the plan, we also include complementary care and support in the form of email support and up to 3 follow-up online consultations so we can review progress, discuss any obstacles and tweak or develop techniques. Free one-to-one canine training is also included in our canine behaviour treatment plans.

We’ll be with you throughout the entire plan, you can send updates and questions as you go. We recommend that the follow-up consultations are spaced 4-6 weeks apart although this may be adjusted to provide enough time between appointments to implement the advice and teaching given so a plan typically takes place over a minimum 3-month period.

What’s included in your DVBP Treatment Plan?

  • Your own experienced clinical animal behaviourist
  • In-depth initial consultation from which your dog’s bespoke BMP is created (duration: 2 hours).
  • Bespoke treatment plan provided as a PDF report.
  • Relevant handouts are provided based on your dog’s behaviour issues.
  • 2 follow-up consultations (duration: 30 min) (Spaced approximately 4 – 6 weeks apart.)
  • For dogs, free one-to-one training is included. We offer 1x 1 hour and 2x 30 minute online training sessions with our canine trainer.
  • Administrative support
  • A separate veterinary report will be provided to your veterinary practice, if required. This is also included within your plan!
  • Final review consultation to celebrate how far you've progressed and how to implement any longer-term changes for the future! (duration: 1 hour)
All our behaviour consultations and training sessions are online so location is not a problem.

The behavioural consultations are online via a live video link. If you're hesitant about virtual consultations, please watch our video where Hannah explains these in more detail.

"I didn’t think a zoom call would work but it did, that would of been my only thing to change at the start of our sessions but it turns out I was wrong and the zoom worked"

What are the costs and how do I book?

You can either get in touch by providing basic information including the name, age, breed and gender of the animal and a brief summary of the case; or, kick-start the process by completing the relevant behaviour questionnaire for your animal (below).

After evaluating the information you provide, we contact you with the cost. If we believe that an advisory consultation or training would be of more benefit to you and your animal than a treatment plan, we would make that recommendation.

Once payment is received, you are sent a scheduling link to book with your selected team member. Find out more about the team.

What information do you need to provide in advance of the consultation?

  1. Questionnaire: Complete the relevant questionnaire below.
  2. DVBP online referral: Being a referral-only practice, permission is required by your animal's vet to discuss the case. Contact your animal's veterinary practice and request them to complete our referral form and attach the animal’s clinical history and any test results or referral reports to this too, or if they would prefer, they can email it to The vet may request to see your animal if they have not been seen for a while.
  3. Payment: Contact us for our current pricing.
  4. Videos: If available, please send a video of the animal or any interactions to us prior to the consultation. Do not create a bad situation to obtain the videos, videos of day-to-day behaviour are useful in any case. When sending files please add the surname and pet name. You can send the videos via WhatsApp to our office phone +44 7877 319 545, using or by sending a link via Google Drive to
  5. Insurance: If your animal is insured, contact your insurance company to check whether behaviour referrals are covered.

Feline Behaviour Questionnaire

or download it here

Canine Behaviour Questionnaire

or download it here

Equine Behaviour Questionnaire

or download it here

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Got any questions?

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