Behaviour Advice from a CCAB Clinical Animal Behaviourist

No matter where you are in your career, whether you're a student starting out as an animal behaviourist or trainer, or if you have worked for 30 years within the animal world, you may have a challenging behavioural case that would benefit from a discussion or review with an experienced DVBP clinical animal behaviourist (CCAB).

We review the case information which you send in advance and during the one hour online discussion of the case (or a regular catch-up to discuss multiple cases) we are able to offer practical advice and guidance on how to treat or manage an animal's behavioural needs.

During a behaviour consultation we can:

  • provide handling advice where an animal's behaviour impacts how treatment is applied or the successful outcome of a treatment for another medical issue
  • discuss and help you with behaviour management on individual complex cases
  • help with client management when the animal caregiver cannot afford full referral
  • if required, a bespoke professional report can be provided for an additional charge.
Unlike many other behaviourist practices, we have our own in-house veterinary behaviourists. Our experienced clinical animal behaviourists work with the veterinary behaviourists, reviewing and discussing each of their cases for a veterinary perspective. For cases where there are other underlying medical issues or considerations present, if the animal's vet has given permission to discuss the case, our veterinary behaviourist can also advise on the appropriate psychopharmacy and care while considering any other underlying medical conditions that may be present. If deemed necessary, a case may also be discussed with our in-house internal medicine specialist.

If the case is complex with significant underlying medical issues or considerations we may recommend a consultation for Behaviour Advice from a Veterinary Behaviourist instead. If you're not sure, please Contact Us to discuss.

Who can attend?

This is a one hour phone or online discussion between an animal professional and a clinical animal behaviourist. In some cases, the presence of the owner or primary caregiver can help gain a full understanding of the behavioural issues - this is completely up to you and the owners. If additional attendees are attending, then an online consultation is essential.

Key facts:

  • Duration: 1 hour. Please be aware that the more attendees, the increased likelihood for the consultation to overrun.
  • Format:   Online discussion.
  • A bespoke professional report can be provided for an additional charge following the consultation, if requested.
  • Our experienced clinical animal behaviourists work with our in-house veterinary behaviourists on each of their cases. If deemed necessary, a case may also be discussed with our in-house internal medicine specialist.

What are the costs and how do I book?

Please complete the Questionnaire for Behaviour Advice and we will contact you with the current pricing and a booking link to book with a clinical animal behaviourist or veterinary behaviourist that best suits the requirements based on the description you provide.

What information do you need to provide in advance of the consultation?

  1. Questionnaire for Behaviour Advice: Complete the questionnaire to summarise the case and explain your requirements. Any relevant case information is to be attached to the form or can be emailed to
  2. Owner's Questionnaire: If the owners are involved, request the owners to complete this form. If you are a behaviourist and the owners have been asked similar questions in your own questionnaire, please submit that instead.
  3. DVBP online referral: Permission is required by the animal's vet to discuss the case. Request the animal's veterinary practice complete a referral form and attach the animal’s clinical history and any test results or referral reports to this too, or if they would prefer, they can email it to
  4. Timeline: Complete a timeline for the animal and email this to
  5. Videos: If available, please send a video of the animal or any interactions to us prior to the consultation. Do not create a bad situation to obtain the videos, videos of day-to-day behaviour are useful in any case. When sending files please add the surname and pet name. You can send the videos via WhatsApp to our office phone +44 7877 319 545, using or by sending a link via Google Drive to
  6. Attendees: Confirm who will be attending the consultation, their role and provide their contact email and phone number.
If you are a clinical animal behaviourist (CCAB or CAB) sharing consistent discipline, principles and standards of practice to that of Donovan Veterinary Behaviour Practice, please make this clear when you contact us.

Please add to your safe senders list or check your spam/junk folder in case our response is filtered there in error.

Animal Professional Behaviour Advice Questionnaire

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