Like your animal's clinical history, a timeline is a really effective visual tool helping us to understand an animal's past in chronological order up to the present day. The information within the timeline helps us get a clearer picture of the animal so that we can diagnose and propose effective guidance to suit your animal's needs and that of your household.

Preparing the timeline in advance of your consultation helps you recall and clarify your thoughts, provides more time for the behaviourist to learn and understand your animal's past which frees up time within the consultation for you and the behaviourist to discuss your animal making the consultation even more productive. This is essential when a case is complex.
The timeline needs to include all significant dates in your animal's past: medical history, past surgical history, household events, social history, etc. Exact dates are not necessary.

On the right is a PowerPoint template for you to download and complete for your animal in advance of the consultation.

A basic example of the important milestones and events that you could include on a timeline is also provided.

Timeline Template

or download it here

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