Celebrate Responsible Pet Ownership with National Pet Month 2024

April 1 – May 1 2024 is National Pet Month (NPM), a time dedicated to honouring our pets and promoting responsible pet ownership. Running until May 1st, 2024, this annual celebration shines a spotlight on the countless benefits that pets bring to our lives while raising awareness about the importance of caring for them properly.

In light of this DVBP would like to address pet behavioural problems.

When our animals exhibit behavioural problems, it can be distressing for both pet owners and the pets themselves. Fortunately, there are dedicated professionals like Dr Hannah Donovan and her team at Donovan Veterinary Behaviour Practice who specialise in diagnosing, treating, and managing behavioural disorders in animals.

At Donovan Veterinary Behaviour Practice, we understand the unique challenges that come with behavioural issues in pets. That’s why we offer a comprehensive service tailored to address each individual patient’s needs. As a referral-only practice, we work closely with veterinary practices to ensure that pets receive the care and attention they require.

One of the distinctive aspects of our practice is our use of virtual consultations conducted via live video links. This approach allows us to reach pet owners regardless of their location, providing convenience and accessibility while maintaining the quality of care.

Our team collaborates closely with pet owners to develop tailor-made behavioural modification programs designed to address specific concerns and achieve agreed-upon behavioural aims and outcomes. By taking into account the unique circumstances of each patient and their owners, we strive to create effective and sustainable solutions that improve the well-being of both pets and their families.

Whether your pet is struggling with separation anxiety, aggression, compulsive behaviours, or any other behavioural issue, you can trust Dr Hannah Donovan and the team at Donovan Veterinary Behaviour Practice to provide compassionate and effective care.

If you’re facing behavioural challenges with your pet, don’t hesitate to reach out for support. Together, we can work towards a happier and healthier bond between you and your animals.

To find more information on our treatment plans click here

At Donovan Veterinary Behaviour Practice ‘we see it through their eyes’ because every pet deserves a happy and fulfilling life.

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